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Ultimate 2b
built by dominik of Germany

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01_pure.mp3  (55k) <= Sound Samples => 02_wah-wah.mp3  (700k)
 I tried to get a reverb: I fixed diaphragm on each end of a tube with a diameter of 3 cm and a length of 15 cm. inside there is a spring-coil being stretched with each end fixed on the diaphragm. On one end I assembled a speaker, on the other a piezo. Like this toy-microphone with the spring-coil inside a metallic reverb is obtainable.  summertime.mp3  (445k)
hello christopher,

now i have finished it! maybe i do some further - definitely small - changes on that, but still i am happy with look and feel - and of course the possibilities of sounds to get off the theremin. it has become a more growling one compared to your sound files, but i like it! jipp - sometimes i obtained very warm and round waves, e.g. the sounds seems to depend on the capacitors C1 and C8 and also on the length of my telescope antenna. so i will do some fine-tuning as some further steps and have a try on the coil antenna. in the past i tried the piezo on different musical instruments, but your idea to use it with a speaker is just fine! my short try resulted in wonderful acoustic sounds. i will work on that..

i decided to use your solarcell circuit with a 1.5 V battery and the LDR. in earlier optical theremins i used just the LDR in the signals channel - which was working, but it was not possible to cut off the volume completely in a quick way. i tried it now with only the 10k resistor added. my LDR has 1k in bright light, so maybe it's the wrong LDR. but with the solarcell circuit being modified it works very well! also does the bended perspex rod. i guess that more than 90, maybe more than 95 percent of the surrounding existing light gets in the rod by passing the upper end. i will have to experiment with that (sunlight...).

so - now the time has come to say: thank you very much! a first pure and a second recording using a self build wah-wah (sounds like drunken; i was laughing) in a sewing-machine-pedal housing and a few further pictures as my gratitude thankfulness.

hopefully you will enjoy it.

kind regards

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