A musical Instrument for the kid in all of us who likes electronic adventure


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What is a theremin?  "Simplicity, something so beautiful from something so simple".

You can slide your finger down the piano graphic to verify actual linearity using this note tuner.

Below the crystal dolphin is my tuning knob mounted under the center bracket. 

It's Christmas '04, today I understand how  "True beauty is hidden in Simplicity"

but the real marvel . . .

"Octave & key spacing is the early man made control of the piano and the theremin embraced it."

Linear Intervals of Notes & Keyboard Spacing "LINKS" of three to five octaves. 

"I became interested in bringing about progress in music, so that there would be more musical resources. I was not satisfied with the mechanical instruments in existence, of which there were many. They were all built using elementary principles and were not physically well done. I was interested in making a different kind of instrument. And I wanted, of course, to make an apparatus that would be controlled in space, exploiting electrical fields, and that would use little energy. Therefore I used electronic technology to create a musical instrument that would provide greater resources.... "  

 Lev Sergeyevich Termen


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